Glauco and Sergio, looking for a better life and work solution, move to Genova and buy the historical pizzeria born in 1992 in Chiavari.

Since October 2nd 1999 La Bitta starts to grow… The idea was pizza and music.

Throughout the years, with small retouches, the pizza has been improved and the typical food from Liguria added to the offer.

Among our clients we had the pleasure of having: Carmen Consoli, Fabio Concato, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Alba Parietti, Paola Turci, Avion Travel, Mario Venuti and many others.

20 years of hard work, but also great satisfaction that every day encourages us to keep improving.

Our rooms are suitable for privacy and size to meetings, business dinners, birthdays and ceremonies.

Some of our tables are perfect for romantic dinners.

On those nights when we have many customers, three pizza makers work in the oven area to shorten the waiting time.

The staff is qualified and dynamic and La Bitta can serve more than 300 people per night without extra waiting time.

The summer dehors allows fresh nights during the summer.