Wood-fired oven baked pizza is our must. We offer a wide choice of pizzas and the famous focaccia al formaggio of the Italian Riviera.


Our pizzas can be made with different, high-quality types of dough:

– Wholegrain flour 100% local, ground with lava stone
– 100% cereal flour with seeds, ground with lava stone
– Yeast free dough with 100% local flour, ground with lava stone

Our doughs are leavened for 48-72 hours.

The restaurant serves national and local dishes, with an à la carte menu and day specials. We use our wood-fired oven also for some of our cuisine.

“Real mozzarella” (not industrial), stracchino cheese without preservatives, prosciutto and cold cuts without preservatives, no OGM Italian tomato, home made wood-fired oven baked bread, fresh seafood platters, fresh fruit and vegetables are just some examples of what we offer.

We have a section in our menu for gluten-free pizza. La Bitta has been the first pizzeria to offer pizza for coeliacs in Chiavari, in order to better satisfy our customers.

We respect the correct storage of high-quality ingredients (cold chain, daily deliveries by certified suppliers), chosen with an accurate selection and related processing. We use the blast chiller and vacuum machine and this identifies us in Chiavari, together with the reputation acquired as pizzeria.

At La bitta you can pair your dinner with high quality beer, both draft and bottled. After your dinner you will enjoy a high quality coffee and a superb selection of grappa and rum.

La Bitta is also take-away pizza, so that you can enjoy our pizza at home.

Of course we have desserts prepared by us and we can even make birthday cakes 🙂